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"I have known Linnes professionally for over 20 years, during which he approached his responsibilities with the highest level of competence, integrity, and transparency.  In working with Linnes on various projects, he comfortably embraced all challenges and excelled at finding unique solutions that were complete and enduring.  To accomplish our projects, he easily collaborated with other, assuring quality input from numerous subject matter experts, resulting in notable source documents.  You will thoroughly enjoy working with Linnes."

John Oleson

Senior Principal - Fulcrum Edge, Inc., Bloomfield Hills, MI

"Linnes Chester, MIH Management Solutions, provided outstanding government contracting and business development support services for JUUL Labs.  He is highly detailed oriented, experienced, and knowledgeable, completing all tasks rapidly and thoroughly.  I strongly recommend him and his company to anyone interested."

Roger Stull

Senior Director - JUUL Labs, Arlington, VA

"Very professional company with great attention-to-detail with contract proposals, grant packages, and other applications. Helped my company complete registration requirements to compete for state and federal contracts. Offers competitive, fair, and flexible pricing options. Goes the extra mile to honor commitments. I highly recommend MIH Management Solutions."

Kristi DeLeon

CEO - Love's Home Health Care, Las Vegas, NV

"Gave me excellent support when I needed help with preparing a federal registration and advice on a proposal. Put in extra hours (without requesting additional payment) that helped me meet my deadline. Offers a 100% refund if details are missed that cause an application to be denied...great!  You won't be disappointed working with this company."

Ronald Robinson

President - Schroeder Road Development, Houston, TX

"If you want someone who can sort through hundreds of pages of instructions, understand them, and develop a wide range of actionable solutions, that person is Linnes Chester.  I met him when he was the senior advisor to the Surgeon General of the Afghanistan National Police.  Even with a demanding job,  he found time to give me advice that allowed me to succeed with US military and international contracts.   As a young avid entrepreneur that was clueless to the world's ever-changing business dynamics, Linnes guided me to become who I am today. I now own an international contracting firm with over 500 employees and 6 active prime contracts with the United States Government. Just to think before I met Linnes I was 21, unemployed and hopeful for a future.  I really appreciated his emphasis on compliance, accuracy, submitting responses on time, building relationships, and not giving up.  Linnes knows how to get it done."

Ahmad Momand

Co-Founder - Malika and Refa Environmental Solutions, Kabul, Afghanistan

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